Solo Travellers

If you’re looking to reconnect with yourself and just be, there are few destinations that offer the kind of breathing space Lion Sands does. This place is exotic, tranquil and uncrowded, with more wildlife than people for miles. Our lodges are unfenced, reminding you of their utter privacy – they are the only four within the 5 000ha reserve.

The only time you’ll be thankful you aren’t alone is when we walk you back to your suite in the night. Rest assured, you’ll be well taken care of with us: our African hospitality is warm, yet unobtrusive, promising a stay that is luxurious, carefree, and unapologetically exclusive.

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River Lodge has a more social atmosphere, by way of its many large guests areas. Though its River Suites do offer relative solitude, each with its own pool and being set further away from the main lodge. In an Ivory Lodge Villa on the other hand, you needn’t see another person – other than your private chef and field guide – if you so wish. The intimate Tinga and Narina Lodges are the medians between the two.

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A safari is a sociable experience by its very nature. Guests from all backgrounds tend to mix easily when you inevitably end up in friendly competition to spot an animal first and share the thrill when you do. But you also have the option of a private guide and vehicle if you prefer the freedom to set your own pace and decide what you’d like to focus on.



Options open up when you’ve only got yourself to answer to. You could treat yourself to a whole morning in the spa, linger of lunch and the view from the deck, dabble in the Creative Lab, browse the Gallery’s boutique, move to a pool lounger or seat by the fire for the afternoon, before setting off on safari… You are free to choose on a whim and do exactly as you please.

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As private or social as you wish: you may dine in-suite or in the dining room, in your own company or have your guiding team join you. Often tables of guests join up, eager to discuss the day’s sightings and united by a common interest in the natural world. Highlights are the lively boma barbeques and surprise bush feasts that get everyone chatting around the fire.



We’ve had guests comment that this is probably the furthest they’ve ever been from another human being. These wilderness hideouts take you away from it all. Spy in on the wildlife, picnic and stargaze to your heart’s content, in complete piece and quiet – but for the odd chirp, huff and growl.