Community Work

The More Community Trust is a non-profit organisation whose core objective is to provide meaningful support to the local communities in which we operate. Projects undertaken are all self-sustainable, as our belief is that by enriching communities to contribute their own effort and skill, projects are kept alive into the future.

Each member of the community has a role to play, and in so doing inspires a secured pride, responsibility, accountability and happiness in community members. Leadership of the More Community Trust include representatives from the community, an independent financial adviser and a More family representative.

The More family and their associated companies cover the administrative costs of the Trust so that only 7.5% of the donors’ funds are used for this purpose. This therefore ensures that 92.5% of all donations received land up in the hands of the identified and approved beneficiary projects.

Guests visiting Lion Sands are given the wonderful opportunity to visit the Henna Pre-School within the Huntington community, and to see first-hand the work that we do. This can be arranged directly at Lion Sands.

Visit More Community Trust to find out how you can get involved.