African safaris are known for starting – and rekindling – romances, and many couples come to us looking for the space to be together, as well as freedom to enjoy their own interests. You won’t find our lodges teeming with other guests, so finding some alone time in the spa or animal hide won’t be a problem.

And our attentive service means there’s nothing to stop you enjoying breakfast on your viewing deck, while your partner indulges their passion for wildlife photography in the Creative Lab. You can happily meet up for the afternoon game drive and dial up the mood with a night in a Treehouse…

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Lion Sands’ four lodges are made available to give you as much privacy as you wish, while at the same time looking after your every need. Ivory Lodge Villas are the most exclusive – individual in every way. River Lodge, with its many open guest areas, has the ambiance of an informal dinner party. While Tinga and Narina Lodges strike a good balance between convivial and tranquil. But all assure five-star service and trimmings, with the added delight of exploring a completely different way of life, together.

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Join a small group, or we can arrange for a personal guiding team and vehicle to take you out. These personal adventure allows you to set the pace and decide what to focus on. Have a soft spot for hippos? Your guide will work in a drinks stop just up from them, on the riverbank. Looking to tick buffalo off your list? Our trackers will know their stomping ground. With our guides’ extensive knowledge and no extra mile is too far attitude, you’ll have a safari tailored to you.



Everyone’s preferences are different, and true enjoyment is to get the most out of every day. Take a seat on the morning safari, or settle onto your poolside lounger – with its own opportunities for game viewing. Whether after an eventful outing or simply to relax, outdoor showers and open-air spas offering aromatherapy massages are among the spoils of a Lion Sands’ stay. For therapy of a different kind, browse the MORE Gallery. Me time or quality time, the pleasure is all yours.

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With the dining areas’ ambient spaces and quiet corners, you’ll feel as if you have the whole place to yourselves. Though tables are often pulled together by new friends, made on safari, discussing the day’s highlights. If you would like an altogether private evening, there’s something magical about a bush dinner – the glowing lanterns, Champagne fizzing as its poured, elegant dishes – that feels as charming in your first year together as in your 21st    

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What is in a name? In this case, pure romance. Settle yourself in for the sunset, then watch as the night sky puts on a dazzling show. There’re glasses of wine to clink and tapas-style dishes to share. The shower also has room for two… And when it comes to turning in for the evening, your starbed is the things dreams are made of.