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Get Closer To Nature On A Walking Safari

Safari Experiences | December 5, 2018

A walking safari at Lion Sands isn’t any ordinary walk in nature. It’s a way of immersing yourself in the African wilderness, and is reminiscent of the way humans used to experience their world millennia ago. In the bush, we are no longer the dominant species, and have to constantly be alert, and aware of everything around …
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Our treehouse updates

Treehouse Experiences | November 14, 2018

  Imagine waking up to panoramic views of the bush, with nothing but the distant roar of lions to act as your alarm clock… If you’re planning a safari adventure at one of our Lion Sands lodges, a stay in one of our treehouses is a must! We’ve recently added a few elements to these unique …
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Tsalala Lions Spoil Guests

Lions of Lion Sands | November 12, 2018

We recently saw an old female giraffe hanging around near Tinga Lodge. She was very thin and limping on her left front leg. We weren’t sure if this was caused by an injury, or if it was just from old age. The afternoon before she died, we found the tracks of the three Tsalala lions coming from …
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Rare White Nyala Takes Refuge At River Lodge

Fascinating Sightings | November 7, 2018

At Lion Sands, beautiful nyala antelope are a common sight. In fact, nyala roam freely around our lodges, and we frequently see them on the walkways and in the open guest areas. What is very uncommon, however, is too see a white nyala. That is why we were shocked to find one at River Lodge! Field …
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Leopard’s Heavy Catch Well Worth The Weight

Fascinating Sightings | October 25, 2018

On an afternoon game drive, a leopard was located by Field Guide Tovhi Mudau. The leopard was found drinking at a watering hole with a full stomach. Thinking she may have a kill nearby, they followed her when she left. As predicted, the leopard made her way back to a carcass, but the prey item …
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Curiosity Killed The… Vulture?

Leopards | September 27, 2018

On an afternoon game drive, myself and my tracker Joel Khoza were looking for leopard when we came to an area where there were several vultures in the air and treetops. We looked for signs of a predator or a kill but didn’t find anything. Joel got off the vehicle to check a dry riverbed …
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Uncategorized | September 10, 2018

Over the last few months, we’ve been seeing new, unknown leopards on safari. It’s exciting, but not particularly surprising given that Lion Sands share an unfenced border with the Kruger National Park. Many of these leopards are young dispersing animals. Once leopards are of age (usually between one and three years old) they move out …

Young Cheetahs Make a Kill

Photo Series: Young Cheetahs Make a Kill

Wildlife | August 31, 2018

A rarely seen event unfolded at Lion Sands Kruger Park… One of our field guides, Simon Mbambo tracked and found three young cheetahs – an extraordinary sighting in itself. Cheetahs are very seldom seen at Lion Sands because of the high density of other predators and habitat that isn’t well suited to cheetahs. When my …
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